Auction 28
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1 Two Projectors, Screen, Stand and Accessories details
2 Five Prints, Ships Lot: 2
3 Large Flower Print details
4 Three Nautical Prints details
5 Dewards Advert Print details
6 Sporting Print "Taking it Cleverly" details
7 Limited Edition Print "Low Tide at Aberdeen Harbour", Donald M Shearer Lot: 7
8 Watercolour of a Castle, Still Life Oil Painting details
9 Computer Monitor and Speakers details
10 Three Boxes, Annuals, Books and Pictures details
11 Scrap Album details
12 Boxed Sets and Loose Whisky Miniatures Lot: 12
13 Four Boxed Sets Whisky Miniatures Lot: 13
14 Cased Pentax Cameras and Accessories Lot: 14
15 Two Boxed Lots Whisky Miniatures, Twelve Whisky Miniatures "Months of the Year" Lot: 15
16 Cutlery, Drawer Handles, Tankard, Etc details
17 Large Modern Prints details
18 Two Boxes of Tea & Dinner Ware details
19 Six Boxes of Records details
20 Tray Lot: Twelve Whisky Miniatures "Speyside" Lot: 20
21 Tray Lot of Brassware, Door Plates, Etc Lot: 21
22 Box Lot of Door Handles, Etc Lot: 22
23 Two Photographs, Three Sailors and One Distinguished Gent details
24 Box Lot of Whisky Miniatures Lot: 24
25 Four Odd Crocks details
26 Box Lot of Wade and Other Items, Teapots, hankie, Beswick Vase, Cutlery, Two Handled Holder, Cat Ornament details
27 Two Sailing Prints and Two Coaching Prints details
28 Odd Pictures details
29 Typewriter, Reel to Reel Tape Machine, Boxed TV & Record Player details
30 Box of Books details
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